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Your jewelry takes you on a trip…
Bijou, écrin et carnet de voyage, Courpré Joaillerie, concept unique

The Concept

Courpré is an ode to France, a poetic composition in which the jewel embraces the history of a place, its codes, its symbols and its scents. It transcribes them into a visual and novelized art that appeals to all your senses. Each element of the Courpré set is designed to make you travel while respecting the sophisticated codes of French luxury craftsmanship.


Our Values

Jewelry crosses centuries. It is democratizing and diversifying. It is used to express a mood, a feeling, a belongingness. It is a sublime support for art or identity. Jewelry expresses itself. Jewelry has always existed, will remain to exist and will last forever. 

Thus, in a world in search of meaning, in a society aware of its past mistakes, and for our curious generation eager to take part in the great changes of tomorrow, Courpré was also willing to take a stand.

Pierres de couleurs, rubellite et tanzanite, Courpré Joaillerie
Copy of La Valensolaise set, 18k white gold certified Fairmined, tanzanites and diamond, Provence collection - Courpré Joaillerie

The designer

« My passion for gemstones was born from this curiosity for nature and its details. Faithful to my wishes, this one will later become my job. »

Audrey has devoted her professional career to one thing only: her passion for stones. From high school, the young woman gets her first experiences in jewelry workshops, in Marseille and Tripoli (Lebanon). She pursues her studies at ESSEC Business School in Paris, then joins the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York, where she graduates as a gemologist and tries her hand at mechanical jewelry design.

« In 2018, driven by a desire to share my love and knowledge, I finally concretized the dream of the little girl I was: to design and market my jewelry creations. »