Welcome to Courpré, a 100% French jewelry brand, with a unique concept and committed to a high ethical approach. Courpré is THE jewelry you were missing: jewelry sets that invite you on a journey, all through eco-responsible and human products.

At Courpré, we use an ethical label where the traceability of our raw material is irreproachable: the Fairmined label.

At Courpré, we will not tell you that our jewelry is 100% ethical because we still have a long way to go to overcome various obstacles: there are no Fairmined gold chains yet, and sourcing ethical colored stones is a challenge that is beyond the realm of the impossible. But "impossible" is not part of our vocabulary, and that is why we fight every day to progress step by step towards a better jewelry: it is (always) a small step for Man, but a big step for the Environment.

At Courpré, each raw material is chosen to have the least environmental and social impact, and each element of our fabulous box set is manufactured by French craftsmen.

Courpré is the jewelry of the future, a more commendable but no less fun future!

Courpré is an incredible human, artistic and feminine adventure that gives luxury a new face. So if you also believe you can make a difference in a better world, don't hesitate any longer and join the crew!