Jewelry crosses centuries. It is democratizing and diversifying. It is used to express a mood, a feeling, a belongingness. It is a sublime support for art or identity. Jewelry expresses itself. Jewelry has always existed, will remain to exist and will last forever.   

Thus, in a world in search of meaning, in a society aware of its past mistakes, and for our curious generation eager to take part in the great changes of tomorrow, Courpré was also willing to take a stand.


Ethical gold

Courpré jewelry is made of Fairmined gold, an insurance label that certifies that the gold comes from small-scale artisanal mining organizations and meets global standards of responsible practices.

As shown in the following chart, Faimined is beneficial to all actors in the gold chain, from the miner to the final consumer.

According to the Fairmined Standard, 100% of the jewel must be made of certified gold to be labelled, except some particular pieces*. Also, all our castings are made in this gold at a specialized foundry located in the Vosges region of France, which specifically dedicates one of its machinery to Fairmined castings. The traceability of the gold is thus fully ensured.

*Chains and findings (e. g. clasps) do not yet exist in Fairmined gold. The label is currently working on this issue. These components are thus very generally made from recycled gold. At Courpré, we do not prefer to guarantee what we are not 100% certain of. We hope to be able to guarantee you soon chains and findings in certified recycled gold or Fairmined gold.


You can learn more about it on Fairmined’s website, as well as through the second episode of our Youtube series “La Joaillerie expliquée à mamie” (Jewelry explains to grandma).


Know-how and made-in-France

Our entire concept is based on the promotion of France and its craftsmanship, from inspirations to manufacturing.

At Courpré, each collection pays tribute to a part of France. Our desire is to revisit jewelry and luxury in a unique ode to our country and its beautiful regions.

In addition, all the products in the coffret are manufactured in France, in various specialized workshops. All of them are craftsmen we trust and who share our values and our social and environmental commitments.



The manufacturing of the jewelry is carried out in a Parisian fine and high jewelry workshop. This workshop allows us to ensure an excellent craftsmanship, with a finish worthy of the greatest French jewelry houses.

After having recovered the stones and castings in ethical gold, the workshop begins to create the jewelry pieces: assembling, setting, polishing and rhodium plating... A quality control is carried out with a loupe at each stage of the process.


Sheathing & Leather Goods

Our leather cases and clutch bags are handmade, according to an ancestral know-how, by a leather goods sheathing workshop located in Lognes, in the Paris region. Each piece has been custom-made and designed to last: leather is a noble and resistant material which acquires an attractive patina over time while remaining beautiful.

Courpré does not exclude the possibility of finding an alternative to this raw material. We are currently studying several options and hope to be able to offer a noble and luxurious alternative that would respect animal life.



The scented ceramic comes from a collaboration with a perfumer from Provence, specialized in home fragrances. This perfumer offers subtle and delicate scents, most of them directly coming from the UNESCO Geopark of Haute-Provence, located in the same area. These are bought in Grasse (the capital of perfumery) and assembled in Aiglun.


Visual Art

The travel diary is illustrated by French artists using several drawing methods such as watercolor, pastel, ink and pencil. This tailor-made work has resulted in beautiful, colorful and story-rich pages. The Courpré notebook is a real piece of art, where each page is a unique painting to discover and explore. 


A responsible packaging

At Courpré, we have banned the cardboard box. To replace it, we have chosen to offer a separate product that contains the entire jewelry set. Thus, in addition to the jewel in its box, the travel diary and the perfumed ceramic, a sublime leather clutch bag has been added!

After much research on packaging solutions adapted to our concept, the clutch bag eventually emerged on its own. It has the merit of underlining the elegance of our products and being a great companion for travelling or for everyday life, just like your jewelry. Its use is yours: love it, wear it or offer it.


We also use French tissue paper that is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. It is made in the Pyrenees from wood sourced in sustainably managed forests (Finland, Russia, Scandinavia). The pulp is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and not with elemental chlorine, thus ensuring an Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) quality.



Ethical stones goal

As for its gold, Courpré hopes to one day be able to offer stones that are both respectful of people and the environment, and whose origin is known. This is one of the main missions of our brand. At the moment, there is no serious label on this subject and there are many constraints.

Our objective is to be able to offer a next collection entirely made up of stones whose origin is known: this would already be a big step towards a more virtuous jewelry.

Pierres de couleurs, rubellite et tanzanite, Courpré Joaillerie